Re: The Unmet

by Michael Walsh

Katrina: good to see you referencing Silver Blaze in your reflection upon the unlived lives of the abortion victims. But they are not the only children we never got to know: there are also the citizens who — not of their own volition — were never allowed to contribute to the national weal. Conceived in a country that needs them in order to support the entitlement leviathan (the unborn are the very foundation of the welfare state), they were instead sacrificed on a higher altar when the Playboy Philosophy of consequence-free sex became elevated to a “right” at the same time that the vicious Left began its entirely bogus neo-Malthusian campaign against the “dangers” of over-population. (“Who can bring a child into this awful world?” I remember them constantly whining.) Et voila: an emanation of a penumbra of a riddle wrapped inside an enigma of a zygote was born. 

And you wonder why Social Security and Medicare are going broke.

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