Duncan to Clinton: ‘You Let the Consulate Become a Death Trap’

by Katrina Trinko

Representative Jeff Duncan (R., S.C.) didn’t mince words when he addressed Hillary Clinton during today’s House hearings.


“There was a request made for more security and it was denied on June 7,” Duncan said. “And so, Madam Secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap. That is national security malpractice.”

“You said you take responsibility,” Duncan added. “What does ‘responsibility’ mean, Madam Secretary?”

Duncan then suggested that more heads should roll at State.

“You are still in your job,” he said. “There are four people at the Department of State that have culpability in this that are still in their jobs. I heard the answer about firing or removing personnel. I get that but this was gross negligence. At what point in time can our administration and can our government  fire someone whose gross negligence left four Americans dead in Benghazi?”

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