Boehner Aide: Annihilate ‘Seems Like an Appropriate Term’

by Robert Costa

Speaker John Boehner sticks by his word.

At a press conference earlier today, Jay Carney denied that President Obama wants to “annihilate” the GOP, an accusation Boehner made on Tuesday in a speech to the Ripon Society.

But Boehner’s spokesman, Michael Steel, says the speaker stands by his statement.

“In a conversation with the speaker in the Oval Office, the president said that if House Republicans didn’t agree to the tax hikes and long-term debt limit increase he was demanding, he would spend the next two years publicly blaming us for the global recession he predicted would follow,” Steel tells National Review Online.

“‘Annihilate’ seems like an appropriate term to summarize the president’s own words,” he adds.

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