Hamas’s Terrorist School

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Worried about the failing state of your local schools? Consider sending your kids to Hamas’s young-terrorist-after-school program:

More than 3,000 Palestinian teenagers on Thursday graduated from the ruling Hamas terror group’s first high school military training program in the Gaza Strip, displaying mock weapons, crawling commando-style on the ground and taking up fighting positions for thousands of cheering supporters.

The first graduates, called the “Liberation Vanguards,” were dressed in black T-shirts and hats, and some painted their faces black.

“My officer taught me the values of courage, sacrifice and love of jihad, as well as some battle tactics,” said Radwan Wasfi, 15, whose black-painted face dripped with sweat after going through a drill. “I feel that I can free my energy in a good way. I can do for real what I do in video games.”

What if you want more than an after-school program? Don’t worry, Hamas’s leader Ismail Haniyeh is looking out for you. At the graduation for the 3,000 Palestinian teenagers, he announced the creation of a military academy for young Palestinians:

The military academy, the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip, would prepare the children for the “phase of liberating Palestine.”

He said that children in grades 7-9 could join the school and graduate with a diploma or a BA in military affairs.

The prime minister said he has instructed the Hamas-run Education Ministry to draw up plans for the establishment of the military academy. Haniyeh said that the new academy would educate and prepare children for the establishment of a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.”

Remember this story the next time someone tries to convince you that Hamas is a viable peace partner for Israel.

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