Holocaust ‘Remembrance’

by Mark Steyn

Eliana, re Holocaust Remembrance Day in Europe, I’m old-fashioned enough not to think of Britain as “in” Europe, at least not in that sense, which is one reason historically it has a far less wretched record on Jew-hating than the continent.

So it pains me to see that Gerald Scarfe cartoon. I might also add it makes no sense. The casual observer would get the impression that that bloodthirsty bricklayer Netanyahu is building his wall to keep Palestinian Arabs from getting out — rather than, as is the case, getting in and blowing people up. Indeed, even their fellow Arabs don’t want Palestinians getting in to their country. As I wrote a decade ago, it’s easier for a Palestinian to move to Toronto and become a subject of Queen Elizabeth than to move to Riyadh and become a subject of King Fahd (then — King Abdullah now).

Caroline Glick has more on the contemporary British elite’s peculiarly obsessive yet all but socially mandatory loathing of Israel, as does Melanie Phillips. In the Thirties, Jews were told by working-class Fascists in London, “Go back to Palestine!” Now they’re told by the most respectable figures in the British establishment, get out of Palestine. Bloody Jews: They can never get it right, can they?

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