War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength

by Mark Krikorian

And temporary is permanent. The Senate amnesty reboot provides for effectively unlimited immigration. This is from the fourth “pillar” of the plan, the one that would have greater long-term impact than the amnesty itself:

A humane and effective system needs to be created for these immigrant workers to enter the country and find employment without seeking the aid of human traffickers or drug cartels.

In other words, no one would have to immigrate illegally because every person in the world who wanted to come here would be able to do so. And there would be nothing “temporary” about their presence; the final point in the outline slips this in, saying the legislation would:

permit workers who have succeeded in the workplace and contributed to their communities over many years to earn green cards.

In other words, the senators’ plan will pretend that the unlimited flow of workers is temporary, to dupe the public, but would, after a time, put them on a path to citizenship. Now, I happen to believe that we shouldn’t be taking temporary workers, because that reshapes our society along the lines of a Gulf sheikhdom, and is antithetical to democracy. But those Republicans who fall for the “jobs Americans won’t do” lie should understand that there ‘s nothing as permanent as a temporary worker.

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