Ken Cuccinelli Comes to Trucker’s Rescue

by Andrew Johnson

Over the weekend, in addition to serving on a panel at the National Review Institute summit, Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli saved a trucker from a burning rig. 

While on Interstate 64 on Friday, Cuccinelli and his driver saw smoke coming from the back of a flatbed trailer of a nearby truck. The trucker was unaware of the problem until Cuccinelli’s car pulled up alongside and started honking to get her attention. She pulled over and Cuccinelli helped her out of the cab of the truck before putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher. “It looked like her brakes locked up and one of the wheels was burning,” Cuccinelli told a Richmond news station. “Given where it was it was hidden from her view, you know, even in the side mirrors she couldn’t see flames. The flames were underneath.” 

The Virginia gubernatorial candidate stayed with the trucker until emergency crews arrived. She didn’t know who he was, according to Cuccinelli, and he didn’t catch her name either, but did note that her truck’s plates were from Kentucky.