Obama’s Biggest First-Term Failure: No Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by Andrew Johnson

During a September Univision interview, President Obama told co-host Jorge Ramos that the biggest failure of his first term was not getting comprehensive immigration reform done. Maria Elena Salinas, the other co-host, followed up by saying through a translator, “Yes, as you said, that is your biggest failure, and Jorge asked you if you consider that you broke your promise, so I think that your answer is yes. With many excuses, but you actually broke your promise.” “Well, what I’ll say is this that I haven’t gotten everything done that I wanted to get done,” Obama responded.

The Univision interview was the toughest one the president faced during his reelection campaign, with a number of hard-hitting questions, including on Operation Fast and Furious and the attack on the Benghazi consulate. 

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