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Former Politician Breaks Promise to American People Because of His Grandchildren or Something


Remember Tom Tancredo? He was a Colorado congressman for ten years, ran for president for a little bit back in 2007 (not that that’s a distinguishing feature — seriously, who didn’t?), and ran for Colorado governor on the American Constitution Party ticket. (He didn’t win, by the way.)

But more relevant to today’s discussion is the fact that Tancredo, who allegedly has never smoked pot before, promised a documentary filmmaker that he’d toke up with him in public if the state voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. Tancredo was a strong (but pessimistic) supporter of the measure; he seems to think it’s silly that you can buy Everclear but not Funny Brownies, and wrote a Colorado Springs Gazette op-ed saying, “Our nation is spending tens of billions of dollars annually in an attempt to prohibit adults from using a substance objectively less harmful than alcohol.”

So far, so good.

But then — oh unhappy day — he destroyed everyone’s faith in humanity in general and the political process in particular by going back on his promise — he pulled the grandchildren card with ABC News, saying they were “very upset with grandpa.” And, unsurprisingly, his wife was “pissed.”

That’s what you get for betting against your principles: an angry wife, disillusioned grandchildren, and no drugs. If he’d only bet he’d smoke weed if the measure didn’t pass, he never would have gotten into this mess.


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