Obama’s Hypocrisy on Campaign Finance

by John Fund

Barack Obama has abandoned almost all of his key previous positions on the supposed evils of private, non-disclosed money in politics since he first ran for president in 2008.

That’s the conclusion of a ProPublica analysis in which the group watched what Obama has actually done with his campaign coffers as opposed to what he said he wanted to do. With the latest news that his 2012 campaign will relaunch as a nonprofit advocacy group that can take unlimited corporate donations (possibly behind a veil of secrecy), Team Obama has largely completed its retreat from its previous positions on campaign-finance issues. The author of the ProPublic report, Justin Elliott, wrote: “The creation this month of Organizing for Action, which will promote the president’s second-term agenda, appears to be the fourth reversal by Obama on major money-in-politics issues since 2008. . . . Neither the White House nor Organizing for America responded to requests for comment.”

Also not commenting were most of the mainstream-media outlets who for years promoted largely unconstitutional measures restricting campaign donations such as McCain-Feingold. Indeed, the degree to which the media have given Obama a pass on his campaign-finance reversals should become a major exhibit in the museum that should be built and named “The Media’s Lost Art of Presidential Scrutiny.”

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