Palin’s Political Future

by Eliana Johnson

The news that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin did not renew her contract with the Fox News Channel has sparked speculation about what she will turn her attention to next. From the looks of it, Palin, who stepped down as governor in 2009, would have a shot at serving her state in the Senate seat if she decides to run.

A poll commissioned by the Conservative Intelligence Briefing shows that, in a potential Republican primary matchup, Palin trails Alaska’s current governor, Sean Parnell, by five points, 32 to 27 percent. Lieutenant governor Mead Treadwell and Alaska’s 2010 Republican nominee Joe Miller poll much lower. 

Palin, who, with an approval rating of 56 percent, remains popular among Alaska Republicans, is nonetheless not quite as popular as Governor Parnell, who has a whopping 74 percent approval rating among the same group. 

The poll was conducted among likely 2014 midterm voters. 

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