Gang of Three

by Jay Nordlinger

Mona and I have a special guest on our latest podcast: Rich Lowry. Rich talks about immigration and Hagel, primarily. (I mean, he talks about those two issues separately. Although I wonder what Hagel would say about immigration.) Rich knows the immigration issue cold. His position is . . . not that of the Gang of Eight. (Is it eight now? Haven’t kept track. Eight is enough, to coin a phrase.) Also, Rich says what a lot of us can endorse: People ought to be candid. He says, Don’t insult us by proposing an amnesty and then claiming it’s not an amnesty. Say, Yeah, sure, it’s an amnesty, and here’s why it’s necessary. You know? I know.

Then, Mona and I talk about a plethora of issues, and people. Off the top of my head, I can think of Roberto de Vicenzo, women in combat, Kate O’Beirne, John Kerry, Ed Koch, Max Kampelman, Pat Moynihan, Jim Buckley, and at least two Bushes. Knock yourself out, here.

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