Boy Scouts Back Away from the Ledge

by Ed Whelan

Having warned (in this New York Post op-ed from last Friday, with this addendum) against the suicidal folly of the Boy Scouts’ proposed revision to their policy on gays, I’m very pleased to learn that the Boy Scouts announced today that the issue deserves a “more deliberate review.”

Better still, it now appears that any decision to revisit that policy will be made this May by the “approximately 1,400 voting members of the [Scouts’] National Council,” rather than by the two dozen or so members of the Scouts’ National Executive Board. My own guess is that the members of the National Council are far more likely to have the long-term interests of the Boy Scouts in mind (and far less likely to have conflicting business interests that make it appealing to placate the activist proponents of repealing the policy).

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