Re ‘When the Assassin Calls . . .’

by Jay Nordlinger

Mark, I was going to stick this bit in my next Impromptus, but I think I’ll stick it here. (Plenty of readers tell me where to stick it.) I was reading the news this morning, and bristled at this AP headline: “Danish critic of Islam says gunman shot at him.” (Story here.) There was maybe a little too much skepticism in that headline for me. The opening paragraph was better, reading “police and the writer said.”

I admire the writer, Lars Hedegaard, no end, and reflect that he has more guts than most of us put together. A writer like that sort of makes up for throngs without guts. I have often heard José Martí quoted: to the effect that, where there is generally no honor, there will be honorable men who will carry the freight for all.

Hang on, let me Google. Okay, some version of this: “In this world, there must be a certain degree of honor, just as there must be a certain amount of light. When there are many men without honor, there will always be some others who bear in themselves the honor of many men.”

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