Necktie in Logo Labeled as Sexist in Florida

by Andrew Johnson

Enterprise Florida, a public-private joint venture that promotes business development in the state, is getting some backlash for a new logo some critics are calling “sexist.”

Apparently, replacing the “i” in “Florida” with the image of a necktie is a reflection of patriarchal chauvinism. “As a female business owner, I am shocked and disappointed the only visual representation in the Enterprise Florida logo is a man’s tie,” said Colleen Chappell, president and CEO of a Tampa marketing firm; Links Financial president Penny Hulbert added, “In 2013? Really? They didn’t think half of the people in the state would be offended by this? Really?”

But, despite the criticism, Enterprise Florida is “mov[ing] forward with this campaign” and focusing on growing business in the state. “Heck, I’m a woman,” said Melissa Medley, Enterprise Florida’s chief marketing officer. “I refuse to let my professionalism and my femininity be defined by a piece of fabric.”

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