The Grass Roots vs. Rove

by Katrina Trinko

In my piece today, I look at how conservatives aren’t worried about Karl Rove’s new initiative to oppose candidates perceived as unelectable in GOP senate primaries. Take Paul Broun, a Georgia congressman, who recently announced he would be running for Senate. When I asked his campaign if they had any concerns about the Rove PAC, the answer was no. “So far he has not given it any thought,” a campaign spokesperson says. “We haven’t heard anything from them. He is laser focused on the message of his campaign, and  frankly, Georgians in our opinion don’t want someone coming in from the outside  and telling them how to vote.” Or consider Iowa Tea Partier Ryan Rhodes’s rejoinder: “If I were a candidate, I would not want Karl Rove’s endorsement in the primary. It would be the kiss of death.”

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