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Grassley: Obama Administration Only Released Drone Information Because of Brennan Nomination


Iowa senator Chuck Grassley told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on Friday night that he believes the Obama administration is intentionally dodging Capitol Hill lawmakers’ requests for information on its targeted drone policies. “The only reason they’ve [provided information] so far is because of the nomination of the CIA director [John Brennan],” Grassley said.

He added that “they never had any problem in releasing information to those of us in the Congress” regarding the Bush administration’s interrogation policies: “They were willing to release it at that time to embarrass the Bush administration, but for sure they don’t want to release anything that might embarrass the Obama administration.”

Earlier in the week, Vermont senator Patrick Leahy and Grassley, chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, respectively, sent the president a bipartisan letter requesting more information on the targeted-killing program.


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