Cantor: ‘We Can’t Be Raising Taxes Every Three Months’

by Katrina Trinko

Eric Cantor said today that pushing off the sequester by additional tax hikes was unacceptable.

“We can’t be raising taxes every three months in this town,” Cantor said on Meet the Press today. “The bottom line is we want tax reform, but we want to go plug those loopholes that the president talks about to bring down tax rates because we believe that’s pro-growth and we can get an economy growing again. Let people who earn the money keep more of it. The president is not talking about that. What he’s talking about is trying to raise more taxes for Washington to spend the money.”

Cantor added that he hoped the sequester could be avoided.

“We have in our alternative several proposals that the president has actually come out in favor of,” he pointed out. “There are improvements to the what’s called the medicare provider tax, to get rid of the gimmick that states are playing. The president supports that. And our plan says we have to bring a federal employee pension benefits down in line with the market rates.”

“The president, he’s the one who proposed the sequester in the first place,” Cantor added. “Again, I’m questioning where this thing is going because he’s not moved in any serious way. But we remain anxiously waiting for him to come to the table to work with us to solve this problem.”

“I don’t want to live with the sequester. I want reductions in spending that make sense. These indiscriminate reductions do not make sense, and we’re going to hurt a lot of people,” Cantor warned. “And it’s up to the president really to act now.”

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