Chris Matthews: Conclave of Cardinals ‘Is Like My Kids’ School Elections’

by Nathaniel Botwinick

If you thought MSNBC and Chris Matthews’s commentary on the 2012 elections was embarrassing, wait until you see their analysis of the upcoming papal conclave:

Everything is still an ideological battle: “I think if you’re a progressive, a liberal these days in the church, you’re hoping for like a Felix Frankfurter to surprise FDR, or an Earl Warren to surprise Eisenhower. Because you’ve got to hope for a surprise because there are no liberal front-runners.”

On the similarities between the method of choosing a new Pope and childrens’ elections at school: “It’s what I teach my kids about school elections, when they finally start listening to me. It all comes down to ‘one, two, three, four.’ You get your ‘ones’ locked in, you call your best friends and say, ‘I know you’re going to vote for me, but I’m asking you, vote for me. . . .’ It’s all about domestic politics and who you know, locking in your base early. I know you can’t do this overtly, but there must be ways to do it in the college of Cardinals.”

Also, Chris Matthews wants the Church to get real on sex and change its policies: “We got meat on Fridays, we would’ve rather had birth control. When the pope came out and made birth control a sin, and stuck to that policy, even in this age we live in now, they lost a lot of people. . . . Marriage isn’t about having sex a few times, and having a few kids, and that’s the end of it. It’s about a loving, physical relationship for years, until death, and sex is a big part of that. . . . So I would say Humanae has to be expanded, has to be refined, and I would like to see a pope do that.” 

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