Painful but Vital Reading

by Jay Nordlinger

In mid-December, our Jillian Kay Melchior had an article called “Unions Defend the Worst of the Worst.” (As I’ve written before, Jill is the greatest Melchior since Lauritz.) I found it hard to read that article — because the reporting was painfully honest. Union members commit disgusting crimes, and get away with it. How about striking nursing-home workers who sabotage the health of defenseless patients? That’s why I found the article hard to read. Almost impossible, really (no offense to the author).

Jill is at it again, with a three-part series on union abuses in Philadelphia. The second part appears today. “Abuses” is too light a word for what goes on, routinely. I suppose that most of us would rather turn away from this seamy world. But Jill plunges right in. I’m a little out of touch with journalistic awards today — I’m sure the Pulitzers are still going — but Jill deserves to win one. 

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