Hard-Left Rhetoric in Speech Tonight Could Hurt Vulnerable Senate Dems

by Katrina Trinko

Chances are that President Obama will be unapologetically liberal in his State of the Union speech tonight, much as he was in his inaugural address.  In a new memo, the NRSC notes that while President Obama may not be facing re-election, there are several vulnerable Democratic senators who won’t benefit from a very liberal SOTU:

[W]hile President Obama and his team burns the political capital that he believes was earned last November, he is lighting an inferno under the electoral prospects for a number Democratic Senate candidates in 2014. . . .

Democrat Senate candidates in many of these key 2014 battleground states face a real dilemma.   Do you stand with a President growing more liberal with each passing day?  Or do you stand with the people who elected you, who rely on you to represent them in Washington?  The answer cannot be both.

Full NRSC memo here.


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