Nugent: ‘The Scam Rages On’

by Betsy Woodruff

Ted Nugent, a not universally welcome guest at the State of the Union, seems unsurprisingly unconverted by the president’s address. He addressed reporters afterwards, and was characteristically, um, direct.

“You just can’t get more of a predictable, flowery script every time he speaks,” he said. “And every time he’s done speaking, he either does just the opposite or nothing at all. So there was nothing tonight to encourage my belief or support for the president. I believe that the scam rages on, and I think that in the next four years, he will prove what he did following his first State of the Union speech, and nothing will be improved. I’m afraid it will be worsened.”

Was there a part he liked?

“My favorite part is when I couldn’t hear clearly because then I didn’t have to get angry.” 

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