Collins: ‘A Disappointment’

by Andrew Stiles

Unless President Obama plans on cramming through his entire second-term agenda with executive orders, one would think he’d be interested in wooing moderate Republicans such as Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

Well, Collins told reporters she thought the president’s State of the Union address was a “disappointment,” primarily because he failed to outline a plan to deal with the country’s mounting debt, and “avoided many of the tough choices that are going to have to be made.”

“The president certainly outlined a very ambitious agenda, but I’m very unclear on how he proposes to pay for all of it, given our $16.4 trillion debt,” Collins said. “[He] really did not put forth any kind of plan that sets us on a sound fiscal path, so that was a disappointment.”

Obama said Tuesday that none of his proposals “should increase our deficit by a single dime.” (He’s made similar promises in the past.)

Tellingly, the White House refused to say how much the new proposals Obama outlined tonight would cost.

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