New York Doesn’t Want Governor Cuomo’s Radical Abortion Bill

by Kathryn Jean Lopez


A little good news out of New York: A poll commissioned by the Chiaroscuro Foundation and conducted by the McLaughlin group finds that while 55 percent of New Yorkers describe themselves as pro-choice, 66 percent say access to abortion is not a problem in New York State. (The partisan breakdown of respondents is 47 percent Democrats, 29 percent Republicans, and 22 percent independent.)

When informed of the number of recorded abortions each year (111,000), the number of people who agreed that there is sufficient access to abortion rose to 79 percent, with only 7 percent of respondents disagreeing that there is sufficient access to abortion in the state.

Seventy-five percent of those polled oppose allowing non-doctors to perform abortions and 71 percent oppose forcing Catholic hospitals to perform them, both elements of Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act.

An overwhelming majority — 87 percent — support making sure women have full knowledge of the options and the risks of abortion when facing pregnancy decisions. Seventy-eight percent support a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion and 76 percent support parental notification before minor girls can access abortions.

This is consistent with Knights of Columbus polling that emphasizes where the two sides can meet on the abortion debate. Surely, in the abortion capital of the country, we don’t need more abortion.

This isn’t the first time New Yorkers have found themselves outraged by the alarming numbers of children aborted in the state.

I write more about the radical legislation here

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