Rubio: Rove’s Conservative Victory Project Is ‘Fine’

by Katrina Trinko

In an interview this morning, Marco Rubio — hardly the establishment favorite in his own Senate race — defended Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project, which has angered many tea partiers.

Noting that Rove had helped him during a crucial time in his Senate race, Rubio said that both the Tea Party and the Conservative Victory Project “have a place in American politics.”

“I think the concern that people have is that somehow people in Washington in the Beltway are going to decide that someone can’t get elected,” he told CBN’s David Brody. “That’s the argument they used against me and I don’t believe that’s Karl Rove’s intention but I think the concern that people have is that people from Washington are going to come in and decide ‘so and so is unelectable, somebody else is more electable, we have to go with them’ and I think that’s a valid concern. There have been some candidates that have been nominated that have not done well in the general-election stage.”

Meanwhile, Steve King — who was singled out as a possible target in a New York Times piece profiling the Conservative Victory Project — has told The Iowa Republican, “It’s more likely, rather than less likely” that he will run for Senate.

“If I would back up in front of Karl Rove’s initiative,” King said, “that would just empower him, and he would go on state after state, candidate after candidate.” 

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