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MSNBC: ‘Shouldn’t We Also Have Freedom From People Who Have Guns?’


I love this “What about my freedom from guns?” theme that pops up in conversation from time to time. It’s so brilliantly illiterate. The claim to “freedom from guns” inevitably negates the freedom to own guns. Try it with speech: “Sure, you have the right to say whatever you wish, but what about my right not to be offended?” is a nonsensical question that serves only as a less threatening way of advocating censorship, and dresses advocacy for government control in the language of individual rights. Beyond the (important, attendant) right not to have a gun if they don’t want one — nobody is suggesting mandates — Americans have no right whatsoever to prevent others from exercising their basic liberties. Your freedom from guns is the same as my freedom from MSNBC: If you don’t like it, don’t buy the product.


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