Five News Items of Less Importance Than Marco Rubio’s Thirst

by Peter Kirsanow

. . . based on the coverage accorded by the mainstream media last week.

Iran upgraded its uranium centrifuges, a move nuclear-proliferation experts say will significantly speed Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

The CBO doubled to 8 million its previous estimate of how many employees will lose their employer-based health insurance by 2016 ( “if you like your insurance, you can keep it . . .”).

North Korea detonated a nuclear device believed to be suitable for use as a missile warhead.

The IRS estimated that the cheapest insurance plan under the “Affordable” Care Act for two parents with three children will be $20,000.

During the State of the Union address, the president of the United States of America told the nation “we are more than halfway toward the goal of $ 4 trillion in deficit reduction that economists say we need to stabilize our finances,” yet there were no credible reports of anyone being hospitalized for injuries due to uncontrollable laughter.