Tom Wolfe and More

by Stanley Kurtz

No-one understands better than Tom Wolfe “how our universities miseducate the best fed, the finest clothed, and freest generation the world has ever seen.” Wolfe’s brilliant I Am Charlotte Simmons, based, as is usual for him, on extensive personal research, is tough to beat as an indictment of today’s universities. Wolfe will be delivering the keynote address at this year’s conference of the National Association of Scholars, to be held March 1-2 in New York City. Panels will cover racial preferences, the higher education bubble, campus social justice advocacy, and the place of Western Civilization in the curriculum. Speakers include Peter Berkowitz, Ward Connerly, Gail Heriot, George Leef, John Leo, Fred Siegel, Sol Stern, and Paul Rahe, and Ibn Warraq. I’ll be chairing one of the panels. Here’s a program and registration. All interested parties are invited. University affiliation and NAS membership are not required. And for a great take on the controversy over Wolfe’s latest book, Back to Blood, go here.

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