Krauthammer’s Take: Keystone Pipeline ‘Most Open and Shut Case I Have Ever Seen’

by NRO Staff


Charles Krauthammer argued on tonight’s edition of Special Report that the merits of building the Keystone Pipeline, which the Obama administration is now weighing, are “the most open and shut case I have ever seen.” “Not only will it reduce our dependence on Huge Chavez and the Middle East and we’d get [oil] from Canada, and not only would it be an insult if we sort of slammed the door on Canada, our closest ally,” Krauthammer said, “but refusing the pipeline, or not building it, would have absolutely zero effect on the environment” because the Canadians will divert the export of their oil reserves to another nation. “If he refuses it, which I think is still possible, it would really show how partisan considerations way outweigh the national interest. I think it would be shocking.” 

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