Obama Calls His Own Proposal ‘Meat-Cleaver Approach,’ ‘Bad Idea’

by Andrew Johnson

Flanked by first responders this morning, President Obama warned of the negative impact the “meat-cleaver approach” of sequestration — an idea that originated in his White House — would have on the country. Obama listed the cutbacks that would take place if sequestration is not averted at the end of the month, such as military readiness, FBI furloughs, delayed deployment of an aircraft carrier, thousands of lost jobs, and an increase in unemployment. “These cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy, they will add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls,” he said. “They’re not how we should run our government.”

Yet, though he emphasized that sequestration is “a bad idea,” it was the Obama administration who came up with it, according to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward. “First, it was the White House,” Woodward said in October. “It was Obama and [Treasury secretary nominee] Jack Lew and Rob Nabors who went to the Democratic Leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, and said, ‘this is the solution.’ But everyone has their fingerprints on this.”

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