Gore Likens Keystone Pipeline to Drug Junkies Finding ‘Veins in Their Toes’

by Andrew Johnson

A fired-up Al Gore visited the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock yesterday, where he spoke passionately on a number of issues, but especially in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline, calling it “the dirtiest source of energy you can imagine.” While the pipeline would not pass through Arkansas, 500-miles worth of pipes for the project are sitting in a local facility. Gore pushed the audience to oppose its construction by comparing the project to a drug addict opening up a new vein: “Junkies will find veins in their toes when ones in their arms and legs give out, and we’re running out of this easy-to-produce oil, so we’re going to this tar-sands junk. We need to get off this.”

via KATV (Little Rock).

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