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Fort Hood Survivor: ‘Mr. President, Would You Please Make Sure That We’re Taken Care Of?’


Retired Army staff sergeant Alonzo Lunsford, a survivor of the Fort Hood shooting, told Fox & Friends this week that the Obama administration has done little to help the victims of the shootings. “Promises were made to us that we would be taken care of, and that our families would not have anything to worry about,” Lunsford said. “As of today, that is not altogether true.” 

Lunsford said he tried to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, but was denied by two separate service clinics. Lunsford, who was shot seven times by Nidal Malik Hasan, said emphatically that he believes he was “shot by a terrorist, not a coworker”; the military classified the incident as an act of “workplace violence.”

Asked what he’d like to say to the president, Lunsford responded, “Mr. President, my commander-in-chief, by all laws abiding, would you please make sure that we’re taken care of, so that we can be at peace of mind?”

He went on to recount the difficulties posed by the Army medical system: Walter Reed Army Medical Center PTSD clinic first denied him because it served Hasan and thought admitting Lunsford would pose a “conflict of interest.” He was next refused services at Fort Bliss because he was not considered a combat veteran, and was finally admitted into a clinic at San Diego’s Point Loma naval base thanks to the help of a supporter of Fort Hood victims and survivors.