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Gingrich Speaks Out Against Rove, Super PACs in Primaries: ‘A Very Dangerous Model’


On CBS This Morning today, Newt Gingrich expressed serious concerns about Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and other conservative Super PACs getting involved in Republican congressional and senate primaries. “The idea Karl Rove has of creating some Super PAC to go out and basically pick Republican senate nominees, for example, is a terrible idea,” said the 2012 presidential candidate. “I think this is a very dangerous model.”

Gingrich encouraged campaign reform that allows the candidates to directly raise the money and use it to minimize the influence of PACs; “There’s some very deep rethinking that we need to do as a party, but it isn’t gathering up more money by Washington consultants for them to try to handpick across all 50 states the people they think should be in the U.S. senate,” he added.


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