McCain’s Town Hall Meeting Gets Heated Over Immigration

by Nathaniel Botwinick


Arizona citizens yesterday took the opportunity to express their frustration with John McCain on the issue of immigration at a town hall in Phoenix. McCain incurred the ire of several members of his audience over the federal government’s failure to police the border, the number of illegal immigrants receiving welfare benefits, and the contours of his immigration plan.

“You said ‘Build a dang fence,’ where’s the fence?” one audience member asked. McCain pointed to a chart intended to illustrate the federal government’s efforts to enhance border security and said, “That’s not a fence? It’s a banana. We’ve put up a banana with about $600 million worth of appropriations.”

In response to accusations that illegal immigrants are crossing the border for welfare, McCain answered, “Again sir, you’re not telling these people the truth — they mow our lawns, they care for our babies.” He also suggested that a guest-worker program for people who have lived here illegally for many years would be untenable because “we are a Judeo-Christian principled nation.” 

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