What Will Rubio and Jindal Say About Rick Scott’s Obamacare Flip-Flop?

by Avik Roy

As Jillian notes below, Florida governor Rick Scott handed conservatives a significant setback by signing on to Obamacare’s pernicious expansion of Medicaid. The battle isn’t over yet, however. It’s ultimately up to the Florida state legislature to approve a budget that appropriates money for the Medicaid expansion. 

So here’s the question I have: Will Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal speak out against Scott’s decision? Rubio, as a senator from Florida and a former speaker of the Florida house, could have plenty of influence on what the Florida legislature decides to do. Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana has already said no to the Medicaid expansion, which means that Louisiana taxpayers will be subsidizing Florida’s extra Medicaid spending (and also Ohio’s) without getting anything in return.

It would be nice to see one or both of them take this issue head-on. As I said in my NRO column yesterday, it’s the most important battle against big government in the country today.

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