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The Human Life Review, Immigration Opponents, and Transparency


Over time, the Human Life Review, a quarterly journal dedicated to the defense of human life, has had several important articles tracing the history of eugenics in America, and its insidious connection to abortion and population control; we have also devoted many pages to the fizzling of Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb.” Thus, although immigration policy is not a subject in our purview, Mario H. Lopez’s article, “Hijacking Immigration,” which asserts that there are disturbing connections between the population-control movement — including abortion and euthanasia advocates — and anti-immigration organizations is appropriate for our pages and our readers.

If the information presented in Lopez’s article is so “unimpressive” that we should be “embarrassed” to have published it, why the uproar? And why isn’t it significant information for anti-abortion advocates who also support the Federation of American Immigration reform (FAIR) that, for example, FAIR board member Sarah G. Epstein is also emeritus director of Pathfinder International, an major abortion provider world-wide? Further, is it irrelevant that she says she feels like a “missionary” when it comes to her work in conducting trials in Third World countries of the quinacrine sterilization procedure, which “helps women help themselves” by encouraging them to use a chemical which will burn their fallopian tubes and create scar tissue and permanent infertility? (This being work she encourages along with her husband, Donald Collins, advisory board member of FAIR and one of the founders of the Guttmacher Institute.)

I have yet to receive notice of a factual error in Mr. Lopez’s well-documented article. One criticism I can understand was the suggestion that the majority of staff members of these organizations share the ideological views which Mr. Lopez finds in the founding individuals and major funders he discusses  perhaps his brush was overly broad. Certainly there are dedicated pro-life individuals who strongly disagree with each other on immigration issues. What we can agree on, I hope, is that a conservative approach to any human issue should have bright clarity on the commitment to the defense of all human life. 

— Maria McFadden Maffucci is the editor of the Human Life Review.


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