The Heart of the Matter

by Michael Walsh

At the root of all the various “gun control” proposals opportunistically floating around in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass murders, what it all boils down to is this irreconcilable contradiction. From my New York Post column today:

The entire premise of the blue-state anti-gun proposals is based on an absurd fallacy: that honest citizens who own guns are potential criminals, and that real criminals will dutifully conform to the new laws, even though they’ve defied all the earlier ones.

And that’s it. So when legislators demand that we get something done, the only possible response is: Get what done? It’s a charming fairy tale to believe that legislating against “gun violence” will restore humanity to its prelapsarian state, any more than the Kellogg-Briand pact successfully outlawed war back in 1928.

By denying the existence of evil in the world, the atheist, pansy Left sets itself up time and again for disappointment, and its only reaction is more of the same: Ban it! Outlaw it! Forbid it! The liberal fascists are:

. . . so committed to the notion that everything must come from government, especially the federal government, that they refuse to accept the consequences of their policies, and instead demand more of the same: more regulation, more supervision, more control.

All of which equals less freedom. That’s why the fight over the Second Amendment is so symbolic and so important. It’s easy for unscrupulous demagogues to demonize inanimate objects and penalize honest gun owners, even as criminals run rampant in their streets.

Just look at Obama’s home town of Chicago: With the toughest gun laws in the land, it’s also the gun-murder capital.

No, the real question is: Are Americans to be trusted with the freedoms — the “inalienable rights” — guaranteed by the Founders under the Constitution? Or are they to be treated like children, wards of the state whose every movement, economic decision and lifestyle choice must be approved in advance by Washington?

How we answer those questions will tell us what kind of country we are to be.

Fight back? Heaven forfend. Better to die on your knees than live on your feet.

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