GOP Senators Ask Obama to Withdraw Hagel’s Nomination

by Katrina Trinko

In a new letter, fifteen senate Republicans are asking President Obama to withdraw his nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense:

Senator Hagel’s performance at his confirmation hearing was deeply concerning, leading to serious doubts about his basic competence to meet the substantial demands of the office.  While Senator Hagel’s erratic record and myriad conversions on key national security issues are troubling enough, his statements regarding Iran were disconcerting.  More than once during the hearing, he proclaimed the legitimacy of the current regime in Tehran, which has violently repressed its own citizens, rigged recent elections, provided material support for terrorism, and denied the Holocaust.

Regarding U.S. policy on Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, Senator Hagel displayed a seeming ambivalence about whether containment or prevention is the best approach, which gives us great concern.  Any sound strategy on Iran must be underpinned by the highly credible threat of U.S. military force, and there is broad bipartisan agreement on that point.  If Senator Hagel becomes Secretary of Defense, the military option will have near zero credibility.  This sends a dangerous message to the regime in Tehran, as it seeks to obtain the means necessary to harm both the United States and Israel.

Signatories of the letter included Texas senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, South Carolina’s Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, Utah’s Mike Lee, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, and Florida’s Marco Rubio.

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