‘Would Jesus Pack Heat?’

by David French

That was the title of a Huffpost Live chat this afternoon. I appeared, along with the infinitely more qualified David Kopel, to debate an editorial from America magazine (a Catholic journal) calling for repeal of the Second Amendment. Because I’d recently argued in these pages for a biblical and natural right of self defense, I was the religious opposition. For those with the time and inclination, watch below then critique my performance.


One final note. Towards the end of the segment, the Huffington Post’s religion editor, Reverend Paul Raushenbush, decried the alleged failure of gun-rights advocates to do anything substantive to deal with the crisis of gun violence. I noted the crisis is in fact easing — as gun violence has decreased dramatically from recent highs — and it’s easing in part because law-abiding gun owners are able to protect themselves. Protecting the rights of the law-abiding while enforcing existing laws against law-breakers is a plan, and the first half has proven quite effective. I’d like to see the government try the second half before it enacts new regulations that criminals will ignore.

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