MSNBC’s Anti-Gun Bashir Asks Guest If He’d Defend Obama Mural with AR-15

by Andrew Johnson

Martin Bashir, who has spent the last few months of his MSNBC program pushing for strict gun control, asked a Houston restaurateur today if he would be willing to use his assault rifle to protect an oft-vandalized mural of President Obama painted on his diner. “We also know that in addition to your support for the president, you support the First Amendment and you also support the Second Amendment,” he said to the diner’s owner, Marcus Davis. He then asked, while showing a picture of Davis with an AR-15 over his shoulder. “Now, sir, I have to ask you, would you consider using a weapon like that on someone who was prepared to deface a painting?”

Davis replied that, while he believes in the right to protect property, using his AR-15 to protect his mural is not a “length to which I will go if there are other measures that are in place.”

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