CalTrans to Deceased Veterans: Drop Dead

by Deroy Murdock

In the same week in which protesters demonstrated in Los Angeles in support of recently incinerated cop killer Christopher Dorner, here is further proof that America is totally off the rails. Jeffrey H. Anderson writes on The Weekly Standard’s website about a private citizen in California who has struggled to erect a privately funded memorial to honor military veterans. You would think Steve LeBard wanted to open an anthrax laboratory. Politically correct bureaucrats at the California Department of Transportation have impeded his every step.

The latest outrage? CalTrans now demands that LeBard black out E Pluribus Unum from any military seals that would appear on the monument. Also to be redacted: The words “United States.” 

This country is collapsing right before our eyes. Anderson’s article offers fresh proof of this sad fact. This absolutely staggering, pointless, foolish, and needless nonsense deserves loud outrage from patriots coast to coast. 

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