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Paul on Obama’s Sequester Scares: ‘Balderdash! It’s Untrue, Unfair, Dishonest, Disingenuous’


This morning, Kentucky senator Rand Paul slammed the president’s attempts to scare Americans about the impact of sequestration, accusing Obama of “making stuff up.” When asked about what he would tell Fox News viewers about politicians’ descriptions of sequestration, Paul said, “I would say it’s balderdash! It’s untrue, unfair, dishonest, disingenuous.” He criticized the president for telling Americans that sequestration would lay off their local firemen and police, since “98 percent of them are being paid for with local taxes.” Earlier this week, the president appeared to speak about the effects of sequestration with first responders standing behind him as background. “For the president to use these histrionics is really beneath the office of the presidency,” Paul said.

The senator also explained that sequestration is a “slowdown in the growth of government” and “the least we can do [because] our country is drowning in debt.” Earlier this week, Paul called sequestration’s cuts “a pittance.”


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