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Re ‘Caligula’s Horse’


Peter, I have a question: Why are Democrats willing to go to the mat for a Republican who has shown himself to be — what should we say? Not very impressive, at least in a confirmation hearing?

1) To make the Republican party look bad?
2) Because he is Obama’s choice, and Obama is the One?
3) Because he has expressed antipathy to Israel?
4) Because he has advocated almost the softest possible line toward Iran and its satellites (Hezbollah, Hamas)?
5) Because the conservatives are against him, and therefore the Left must be for him?
6) Because a Republican war hero is just the right man to preside over the gutting of the Defense Department?

Take your choice, or combine the answers you like. In any event, the American people did a very, very important thing on Election Day. Now they, and the world at large, will live with the consequences.

P.S. Here is a scenario that sort of makes me smile. You tell a Democrat in — oh, 1970 — that, one day, a Democratic president will nominate an anti-Israel Republican for the Defense Department. And the entire Democratic party will be for him, and virtually the entire Republican party will be against him.

That Democrat would say, “You must be smokin’ something” (perhaps as a member of the Choom Gang).


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