The Same Old Oscar Show

by Gina R. Dalfonzo

Whatever one thinks of the movies being honored, and however fervently one roots for one’s favorites, there’s a depressing sameness to the annual Oscar ritual these days. There’s always the host who’s trying way too hard (and falling flat). There’s always the humorless banter by presenters who look about as comfortable as if someone had nailed their feet to the floor. There are always the obligatory cracks about Red Staters. And the whole thing always, always drags on way too long. The “In Memoriam” section is generally a highlight, if only because it reminds us of a time when Hollywood was a little classier and a lot less overbearing.

Chris Loesch was tweeting about how conservatives need to quit “belittling” pop culture, and start recognizing “the importance of engaging in and making good art.” He made a very good point. But the engaging would be so much easier if, on occasions like these, Hollywood’s best and brightest would give us something to work with.

— Gina Dalfonzo is editor of and Dickensblog.

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