Top Mich. Republican: State May Award Electoral Votes by District

by Katrina Trinko

Former Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis says there is a “very real possibility” that legislation could pass the state legislature to award the state’s electoral votes by congressional district.

At the Michigan GOP convention on Saturday, state Republicans voted 1,370 to 132 in favor of distributing most of the state’s electoral votes by congressional district, reported the Detroit News.

Michigan GOP governor Rick Snyder has spoken out against the plan, telling Politico last month that “that time [for changing the system] is not right now.”

However, with both Michigan’s senate and house controlled by Republicans, it remains possible that the legislature could pass it.

“The vote at the state convention clearly demonstrated that there is a concern with the current system,” says Anuzis, who favors changing the system to a national popular vote. “So I think there is a very real possibility that will pass.”

According to the organization Fair Vote, if six states controlled by GOP legislatures, including Michigan, had awarded their electoral votes by congressional districts instead of statewide winner-take-all, Romney would have won, assuming states didn’t give a portion of electoral votes to the statewide winner while distributing the rest by congressional district.

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