LaHood: On Sequester, Admin Not Scaremongering, But Sending ‘Warning Flares’

by Eliana Johnson


Transportation secretary Ray LaHood, who appeared on Sunday morning shows this weekend to warn that the sequester will cause widespread disruptions in air travel, denied this morning that the administration is using scare tactics to sway public opinion. “What we’re doing is sending up warning flares to people that these cuts have consequences,” he explained, “and here’s what the consequences are, and that’s what we’ve put out.”
LaHood went on to say that the president has a plan — the White House has laid it out here, and it involves spending cuts, closing tax loopholes, and limiting deduction to 28 percent for high-income earners — to urge the GOP to “move towards it.” 
Though it looks increasingly likely that the sequester will go into effect, Missouri senator Claire McCaskill said yesterday that the upper chamber will vote this week on a plan that replaces the sequester with a combination of alternative spending cuts and tax increases. 

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