Boehner: ‘Mr. President, You Got Your Tax Increases, Time to Cut Spending’

by Andrew Johnson & Nathaniel Botwinick

In a press conference with House leadership, Speaker John Boehner on Monday hit President Obama and Senate Democrats for their failure to take action to avert the sequester, which is set to go into effect on Friday. “The president proposed this sequester, yet he’s far more interested in holding campaign rallies than he is in urging his Senate Democrats to pass a plan,” he said. Speaking directly to the president, he made it clear that House Republicans are unwilling to budge on taxes: “You got your tax increase, it’s time to cut spending here in Washington.”

The House speaker also cast the issue of jobs in a different light than his Democratic colleagues, who have been emphasizing the number of federal employees who will be furloughed under the sequester. “If we don’t solve the spending problem here in Washington, there will be tens of millions of jobs in the future that won’t happen because of the debt load that’s being laid on the backs of our kids and grandkids,” Boehner said, telling reporters he came to Washington to “save the American dream for my kids and yours.” 


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor assailed the administration for presenting the American people with a misleading choice on the issue, one between tax increases and Hobbesian anarchy. “We have proposed alternatives and solutions,” he said, “we don’t adhere or agree with this false choice the president is putting forward.” 

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