Putting Politics Ahead of Public Safety

by Mark Krikorian

Re: the administration’s release of detained illegal aliens as a sequester scare tactic — a source in ICE tells us that they were told last week to cut the number of people in detention by 26 percent (far more than any sequester cuts would suggest), and this week’s releases were the culmination of months of pressure on field offices by political appointees. And remember, this administration has maintained that it doesn’t detain or deport illegal aliens unless they’ve already violated some other “real” law, which is probably why the best sob-story the New York Times could come up with for one of the released illegals was a wife-beating child-abuser who violated his probation.

But the release of deportable aliens for political reasons, whether by local or federal authorities, is not new. Jamiel Shaw, for instance, was murdered by an illegal alien gang member who was released by Los Angeles authorities rather than being handed over for deportation. Or Tony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew, who were murdered by an illegal-alien criminal shielded from deportation by San Francisco’s sanctuary policy and released. And then there’s the child rapist who was handed over to ICE by Chicago police, only to be released.

Enforcement of immigration law is an exercise of national sovereignty designed to, among other things, protect the public. This administration (and the prior one, I’m afraid) has been too focused on pandering to the open-borders axis of leftists, libertarians, ethnic chauvinists, and cheap-labor businesses to do its job. It’s simply laughable to imagine they’ll magically become zealous about immigration security once “comprehensive immigration reform” is passed.

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