Sauce, Goose, Gander

by Mark Krikorian

As reluctant as I am to keep bringing up Mario Lopez’s ridiculous smear of me as a secret baby-killing euthanasia fan, this is just too good to pass up. Lopez (along with Linda Chavez, Al Cardenas, Grover Norquist, Mel Martinez, and the other members of his board) maintain that I’m not really a conservative because there are people who agree with me on immigration who also support the right to abortion.

Okay, so how about this: the American Action Network is launching a six-figure TV ad buy this weekend for a pro-amnesty ad starring Carlos Gutierrez, secretary of commerce in W’s administration and one of the main administration point men in the 2006–07 amnesty push. This is the same Carlos Gutierrez who just signed a pro-gay marriage amicus brief for the Supreme Court.

So, if immigration-control is an illegitimate cause for conservatives because some of the people who are for it aren’t conservative (and don’t claim to be), what’s it say about the pro-amnesty cause if one of its chief self-described conservative spokesmen is himself a supporter of gay marriage? I await the denunciation by Norquist and Chavez and Lopez of the American Action Network (which, along with its 501(c)3 arm, the American Action Forum, includes on one or both boards Jeb Bush, Fred Malek, Vin Weber, Tom Ridge, Elaine Chao, Boyden Gray, et al.) as not authentically conservative.

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