Scarborough Jokes About Sequester Cuts: ‘This Is a Dreadful Penny to Cut!’

by Andrew Johnson


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough poked fun about the sequester, suggesting that it must cut the most efficient and important parts of the government since people are so up in arms about its impact. After showing a compilation of local news broadcasts threatening cuts to meals-on-wheels programs, meat inspectors, and jobs, Scarborough said that even though these may be “stupid cuts,” it is only the equivalent to cutting one penny out of a dollar. He went on to joke that all this must be the most important portion of government spending. “If we could just harness the power of this one penny, it’d be an efficient government,” he joked. “This is a dreadful penny to cut.”

Scarborough also wondered why the president isn’t willing to step in and reassign the cuts to other areas of government spending, if he does really believe that cutting these programs is “so dreadful.” 

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